24 Volt Solar Panels

Solar panels come in all sorts of configurations to help you meet your energy needs. The most common panels come in 12 volt and 24 volt varieites.

24 volt panels are generally larger wattage, from 150 watts and higher. They are intened for grid tied applications where higher voltage is necessary for the inverter and utility connection.

Not all panels that are nominal 24V list this in their specifications. This is because it is rare for most panels to actually be producing their nominal voltage.

Most panels will actually be producing higher that than voltage when exposed to full, unshaded sunshine. You will see many 24V panels list their open circuit voltage (Voc) in the mid to high 30's, and maximum voltage (Vmax), in the low to mid 30's. Rest assured this is a 24V panels, but many manufacturers don't list this number.

The size and voltage you'll need for your application depends entirely on your application. Most solar designer need to take into account the entire system design to accurately design the panel configuration. The designer usually needs to know the daily watts needed, the systems voltage, the location of the system, and a few other details.

12v and 24v panels generate direct current, or DC, power. Power is often need in alternating current, AC, to power local appliances. So make the conversion we use an inverter. Inverters also come in every size and type to fit a variety of uses.

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