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You Don’t Have to Go “All In” to Win with Solar

There’s been a steady trend of diversification in our energy sources. Yes, coal and oil still serve as the world’s primary fuels, but the abundance and low price of other resources (natural gas, for example) is getting energy companies to rethink their approach to meeting the always increasing demand. So, they’re also bringing nuclear, hydroelectric, […]

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The Next Step to a Bright Future

  I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Russell Shriver, the new President of Solar Sphere. Last June, I took the reins from Kriss and Sue Bergethon, who in the last six years built many lasting relationships with people committed to bringing solar energy into their lives. I share their (and your) passion for alternative energy […]

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The Solar Bimini Part 4

Continued from part 3 Read from the beginning Fiber(itchy)glass: Fortunately, as a youth of 16, my girlfriend’s father was a mechanic at a boat store in the Folsom Lake, California, area.  I was delivering the Sacramento Union, 623 copies during the week and 712 on Sundays every morning between 4:00 AM when the bundles were dumped […]

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Solar Costs Down By As Much As 50%

This happened just a couple weeks ago, I just had to share it. A few years ago, in the summer of 2011 to be exact, we sold an off grid solar backup system to Hawaii Public Radio. We detailed their system right here: The station was on a limited budget (aren’t we all).  But radio […]