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​Solar Sphere, Inc. Signs New Nationwide Solar Lighting Distribution Agreement with solartonic TM

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Summary: Industry-leading solar lighting product distributor adds award winning solartonic TM solar street lighting and solar parking lot lighting products to its portfolio.

(Denver, CO, March 22, 2016) --- Solar Sphere, Inc., announced today that the company has signed a new nationwide solar lighting distribution agreement with solartonic, llc.

"Solar Sphere is excited to announce the addition of the award winning solarlume TM solar street and parking lot lights to our portfolio” said Russell Shriver, President for Solar Sphere, Inc. “This expanded offering will provide Solar Sphere customers with the option of a new vertically pole-integrated solar module that dramatically changes the appearance and improves the performance of traditional solar street lights.” solartonic’s solarlumeTM vertically integrated - poles are powerful, versatile, aerodynamic, adaptable and reliable with limitless applications. These products will give Solar Sphere, Inc. a broader portfolio of solar street lights and solar parking lot lighting products to assist our commercial, state and local government customers in their property and traffic safety needs.

Brian Tell, a Managing Partner at solartonic, says, “Our solarlume™ product line is in high customer demand across the globe. This agreement with Solar Sphere, Inc. allows us the opportunity to further expand our product reach domestically with a leading distributor of solar lighting products.”

In addition to the unique integrated solar module and pole design, and the use of high quality Philips luminaires, solartonic offers integrated LED signage, wi-fi, CCTV, and traffic management signals into their solarlume pole infrastructure. Additionally, wireless remote monitoring and performance data logging can be added to closely track overall performance of the system.

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Click on the following link for the new solarlume TM product line.


About Solar Sphere, Inc.
Based in Denver, Colorado, Solar Sphere, Inc. is a leading distributor of alternative energy products with a special emphasis in solar lighting applications. Our outdoor solar lighting portfolio includes an extensive selection of options for solar street lights, solar parking lot lights, solar pathway lights and solar sign lights. Contact us today to discuss your next outdoor solar lighting project.

About Solartonic, llc.
Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, solartonic offers a range of innovative solar photovoltaic products and systems for buildings, parks and streetscapes. We design, engineer, manufacture and install project specific integrated solar solutions that provide clean energy and efficient power management for multi-function street lighting and digital visual communication systems at a lower cost of ownership than new grid-connected systems.

Contact Information:

Russell Shriver

Solar Sphere, Inc.


Phone: 720-282-5680


Brian Tell

solartonic, llc

Managing Partner

Phone: 734-368-0215


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