Check Out Our Review of the Power 4 Patriots System

A lot of people have been asking about Power 4 Patriots, we thought we would give you an honest review in this video, check it out:

Then click here to see for yourself and a shortcut for the product:

by Kriss

Kriss Bergethon is a writer and solar expert from Colorado. For more information visit his site at Solar Panels. Follow me on Google

  • Kriss

    People think its double talk when you don’t say ‘its going to cost his much’. The answer isn’t simple because every one’s house, power bill, and installation is different. There is no average home for solar, every case is different.

    See here:

    • Becky Kammes

      Hi Kriss…
      I watched and read with intererest of the P4P plan and material. We are a small family farm in WI, and surviving the crash of ’09, and the drought of ’12, finally things are looking better. We farm with Organic Valley and are in the process of revamping my parents farm to make it more eco and user friendly. I am the one who fixes everything my husband breaks and very handy with tools! This system sounds good and fairly simple. I know it may not run an entire farm, but it’s 3 steps in the right direction. What are you thoughts? I would rather do things like this myself than pay someone else big bucks to do it for me.

  • Chris

    Thanks Kriss. Came here to find out how legitimate the Power4Patriots offer was, because “if it seems too good to be true….” There was one link that suggested it was a scam, and there was one that even suggested that your last name wasn’t mentioned in the P4P video (I saw it clearly – and ordered the P4P materials when I came here and saw that you recommended it directly)

    Thanks so much!

  • nick ludwig

    good stuff.

  • Richard Mack

    Everyone interested in Solar, Wind, etc. (renewable soft energy paths) power should check out Amory Lovins, his Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), and their publications. This institute and man have been living this, promoting this, etc. etc. etc. since the 80s, more than 30 years!

  • Susan

    Thx for the info. I am curious about how much implementing any or all of these would cost….for an avg sized home like 2000 sq ft. I am not sure I could really afford to implement it.

  • mindman

    Anything that starts out by saying Obama is the reason for what your electric rate is now is a wacko con job. Also Glenn Beck name associated with it, More proof it is a con