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The Benefits of Solar Kits

Have you considered moving over to solar power but want to just try it out before you actually commit to it? No one can blame you for that! No one wants to purchase an expensive power option only to find that it doesn’t really do what they want it to do. Solar kits are a […]

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How A Solar Kit Works

Ever wondered exactly how light from the Sun is made into energy that can fuel your home and other items? While this is a process that takes a little explaining to understand, knowing ways that it can benefit you will make it even more appealing.  

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The Best Solar Energy Option Around

So you’ve finally decided to take the leap towards green energy and install solar panels for your home. You’ve looked at average installation costs and have discovered that solar energy can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $400,000 dollars just for installation. You’re not sure it’s worth that much to you, especially since the average savings […]

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Annnnnd We’re Back! Near Miss Power Failure At Solar Sphere

One of the, shall we say, ‘exciting’ things about living with off grid solar power is that you never quite know when problems will crop up.  Last night I noticed our propane generator was turning off and on about every minute then timing out with an error.  This was a little disconcerting since we were […]