Appliances - Energy Efficient and Off-grid

Whether you are building an off-grid cabin and are in need of a composting toilet or you need a new energy efficient AC/DC or DC refrigerator or freezer for your boat, camper or cabin, we have a number of options for you. Or, maybe you are in need of a solar ceiling or attic fan to help control temperatures during the hot summer days.

Please note, most of the products in this category are made-to-order by the manufacturer after we send them an order. The Sun-Mar composting toilets typically run 2-3 weeks prior to shipping and the Nova Kool refrigerators and freezers typically run 3-4 weeks prior to shipping. Both of these products have a peak order season in the summer at which point order times can run a bit longer. Give us a call, 877-774-3730, or send us a note,, if you have any questions.