Solar Golf Cart Chargers & Kits

Golf is one of the most relaxing activities people take part in because it relieves stress. However, do you know what would make golfing even more stress-free? Knowing that you are helping out the environment and saving energy while doing it!

How can you do this? Well, by utilizing solar golf cart chargers.

That’s right—when you ride up to the eighteenth hole you will be doing so with the use of solar power.

The affordable solar power golf cart chargers and kits offered by Solar Sphere are easy to attach to the roof of a golf cart. People who utilize our solar golf cart chargers and kits will also be able to qualify for the 30% federal tax for solar power, so you will also be able to save money by turning your gold cart green. People may still think that golf carts are only accepted on golf clubs. However, with the ever-increasing gas prices, more towns across America are accepting golf carts as normal transportation. With the solar golf cart chargers & kits, the days of spending $50 every time you fill up your car are over.

You can easily become members of golf-cart friendly communities. Businesses can also get in on the action by outfitting a cart with a solar panel, placing their logo on it, and sponsoring local golf tournaments in their area. Everyone in your community can benefit from solar panel kits and accessories. When more people begin accepting solar golf cart chargers & kits, the world will become a more eco-friendly place to live.

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