As the world moves towards a more sustainable means of living, it is becoming more and more common to see everyday appliances powered by solar energy as opposed to outdated, conventional energy sources.  Whether its solar chargers for cell phones and laptops or a solar powered oven or refrigerator, going solar can drastically reduce your electricity bill and help you become independent from your utility company. Similarlysolar golf carts are the newest addition to the world of clean energy. The higher gas prices go, the more people will search out an alternative means of transportation. 

But solar technology extends well beyond the walls of your home. In solar golf cart chargers the powerful charger is a 205 watt PV panel that sits atop the roof of almost any 2 to 4 passenger golf cart.  With a simple and quick assembly and easy installation, these solar powered golf cart charging systems will reduce electricity costs while extending the useful life of golf cart batteries.  It produces electricity directly from the sunlight and works on sunny and cloudy days.  Solar powered golf cart chargers are not only environment friendly, but also help you extend your driving time up to 12 miles per day.  And golf carts aren't just for the golf course anymore.

Uses of solar golf carts

Solar golf carts kits are also used in many other ways rather than just being a golf cart. It is also used in many resorts or campgrounds for traveling shorter distances, in zoos and parks, in assisted living centers. Golf carts are also used at many commercial places like airports, hospitals, security companies, hotels, motels, schools, colleges and in apartment complexes too. Federal tax credit immediately saves you 30% off of the purchase price of the system.  So take your first step towards becoming socially responsible, and enjoy the improved dependability of a solar golf carts.

The solar golf carts also help extend the life of the cart batteries. Because the sun constantly keeps the carts charged, the batteries last longer and don't need to be replaced as often. The potential savings are enormous, especially for facilities in year-round golf locales that heavily depend on golf carts for their day-to-day operations. An energy study by the Golf Resource Group, a Phoenix-based firm, concluded that most golf courses use from 250,000 to 5 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually for operations. To put the higher number in layman's terms, that's the energy equivalent used in 278 - 2,500-square-foot houses.

There are a lot of benefits from these solar golf cart chargers. Firstly, they save about four times the actual amount for a day in energy costs and will significantly reduce carbon emissions. The course can also use a smaller fleet since the solar-powered carts will last 54 holes without a recharge compared to just 18 holes for a typical electric golf cart. You are basically using a source of energy that is free and moreover it is available all over the world. This is all because of the awareness that has been produced about these renewable energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy.

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