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80 Watt Do It Yourself Solar Power Kit

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A perfect solar energy kit for those looking to get started in solar electricity with an easy to build do-it-yourself kit. Perfect for powering a small cabin system, back-up emergency power, boat, or RV.  This system has two standard 110V plugs, just like the ones you have at home.


  • 80 Watt Framed Solar Panel with 25 year limited warranty
  • SunSaver6 Charge Controller
  • 55 amp-hour AGM sealed battery
  • 300 Watt Modified Sine Wave DC to AC Inverter
  • 12V female lighter socket with cable and fuse
  • 25 ft. MC4 solar output cables

    What amount of power can be produced with this system?
    80 watt solar panel = 4.63 amps of solar energy per hour of direct sun.
    4.63 X 5 hours of direct sun = about 23 amp-hrs per day
    23 AH X 7 days/ week = 162 amp-hours per week. 162 X 12V = about 1944 watt-hours of energy in one week. If you have more sun (in summer) then you have more power, if you have less sun (in winter), then you have less power.

    A few examples of power usage of some devices:
    Laptop computers: 40-90 watts per hour of use.
    19" TV: 95 watts
    17" monitor: 120 watts
    17" LCD monitor: 40 watts
    Box fans: up to 100 watts
    Radio: 20-75 watts

    Charge controller protects battery from overcharging.

    Use the included 12V DC female socket to charge cell phones, camera batteries, AA/AAA batteries. The 300 Watt modified sine wave inverter will power many 120V AC loads up to 300 watts.

    Add a second solar panel for a total of 160 watts of solar (requires larger charge controller).

    Experiment, have fun with this terrific starter solar kit!

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    Product Reviews

    1. Two panel version of this DYI kit.

      Posted by William Wallace on 11th Nov 2011

      I was given the two panel upgraded version of this kit as a gift. Kriss from Solar Sphere was off a little about shipping time when the order was placed. He told us that the order would be shipped the following week, it took more than two weeks for him to ship the kit.

      Pros: Instead of the Alps 80 watt panels shown with the kit, we received two 85 watt UL-SOLAR INC (model STP085P) panels. Kriss upgraded the charge controller to SunSaver-20L-12 (20 amp 12vdc version).

      Cons: Shipping dates as described above. Battery sent was a 45 amp-hour AGM. This is far from enough battery for a 170 watt (two 85 watt panels) system. Perhaps if the two panel version included two batteries? Instead I bought a 105 a/h battery from a local electronics shop.

      Bottom line: If you’re not in a hurry, and if you have your own battery(ies), the two panel upgraded version of this kit is a good off-grid starter project.

      If you would like pics or more info about the kit, email me at: wallace.ecopower@gmail.com

    2. Nice Backup for what it is

      Posted by Arik on 27th Oct 2009

      I've had this for a month now and am basically happy with it. I think my expectations were unreal when purchasing it. Expecting to run a fridge for hours is just not going to happen. However, I am able to run the fridge steady for an hour (opening the door to keep it going) as well as run my lawn edger, trimmer and blower. Higher amp items don't work as I found with an electric chipper I have. All in all I'm happy with the product. I paired this with an 80 watt solar panel and I can charge it from dead to full within 2 sunny days here in Ohio. In an electric emergency I feel I could rotate the solar panel and charge it in one day.

      Nice for portable power, hope I never find out how well it works as emergency backup but I think it will be fine for keeping food from spoiling.