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Snow Cap Solar Coach Light - G2

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Snow Cap Solar Coach Light -18 watts of solar modules (patent pend-ing)
The G2 differs from the G1 above only by using three larger triangular shaped solar modules forming a pyramid removing the flat top solar mod-ule. The actual solar watt production is similar, but the pyramid shape al-lows the snow to slide off rather than accumulate on the top of the light , like the G1,which would stop 25% of the solar production. All of the other components are the same as the G1. It has 45 ultra bright LEDs, a 12volt 12 amp hour battery and our own American made solar light controller. This light is perfect for any where that it snows ,like mountain cabins , walkways, streets ,chalets ,ski resorts , ranches, RV parks and the stylish look can be used anywhere one chooses. . This light also fits on a 3 di-ameter, 7 6 pole.
17.5 inches square X 21 inches tall

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Product Reviews

  1. Light Your Way with Snow Cap Solar Coach Light

    Posted by Christine Lauren, Vermont on 17th Dec 2012

    There’s not much difference between this and its predecessor, except for the design at the top. Nevertheless, that isn’t a bad thing, as G1 works splendidly. This only means that G2 will not disappoint you.

    It’s a very handy lamp that can be attached in any sturdy wall. It comes with very durable and strong bolts that keep the fixture very secure. Since it’s solar, it saves on commercial electricity , helping you spend less on utility bills. It comes with a battery once you’re ready to light this up.

    It also uses LED bulbs, which doesn’t consume a lot of electricity. The glass they’re encased in distributes the light, thereby increasing its coverage. Further, LEDs are known to last for many years.

    Because of the amount of light the lamp provides, it’s great to use in the garden or lawn, parking areas, and walkways. It may be used too in places where snow is common.

  2. Efficient lighting at low cost. Great combination!

    Posted by Stephanie Murray, Tucson, AZ. on 10th Dec 2012

    If you want an efficient lighting in front of your business establishment, in the parking space, your home garage or entrance, this is something that you might seriously want to consider. Opting for the Snow Cap Solar Coach Light G2 is a wise decision. It does not cost thousands of dollars like the other lamps that are available in the market these days but it could also deliver the same amount of light and impressive durability.

    The G2 model is actually a step up from the G1. Yes, it has the same efficiency but with a little extra. The covering for the top has a new design! Compared to the G1, this new model got rid of the flat surface which is quite inconvenient especially for places where there is snow during the winter months. The covering is now made of three triangles such that when there is snow or heavy downpour of rain, these will just cascade down. There is nothing that could hinder the lamp from giving off sufficient glow. One thing that has to be noted is that the lamp does not come with a pole so it should be bought separately.

    There is no need to question whether this would work perfectly when it comes to providing lighting for outdoor areas. It is equipped with 45 ultra bright LED lights. The 12 volt battery also does an amazing job when it comes to charging and keeping the lamp on during the night. Best of all, this comes with a controller so you can regulate the amount of light, depending on your preferences.

    The typical reason why people skip the solar lamps is because they need to shell out a big amount of cash for purchasing it. This G2 solar light will solve that problem. It gives off brilliant light, it is very durable and it works well regardless of the weather.

    Stephanie Murray