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Solar Air Conditioner - Split Wall Mounted Type 12,000 BTU

SKU: EFTKF(R)-35GW. Shipping: $150.00 (Fixed shipping cost). Rating: ( 2 product reviews )

Product Description

Eco Fuze Solar Air Conditioners:•ÈÀ•ÈÀ

Brief Introduction of the Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner:

1. The solar air-conditioner is driven by electricity and with solar energy as an auxiliary power. The two kinds of energy work complementally in accordance with principles of fluid dynamics.

2. The solar air-conditioner combines the absorption working system to compression system by using environmental-friendly media in cooling and heating on the basics of traditional

air-conditioner technology to achieve energy-saving and environment protection.

3. It adopts vacuum tube solar collector which is with high performance of absorption and low reflection ratio.

Outstanding Features:

1. Energy-saving EER >3.72. The solar air-conditioner can save 30% and more electricity comparing to traditional ones.

2. Reliable and durable, we use famous brand compressors and high-quality vacuum tubes

3. Luxurious appearance

4. Strong environmental adoptability, it can run at super high or low temperature

5. Easy installation

•ÈÀ•ÈÀ•ÈÀ•ÈÀ•ÈÀ•ÈÀ•ÈÀ•ÈÀ•ÈÀ•ÈÀ•ÈÀ•ÈÀ•ÈÀ•ÈÀ•ÈÀSolar Air Conditioner Process

Wall Mounted Type Hybrid Solar AC
Power Supply•__220-240VAC, 1PH, 60Hz
 Capacity Cooling Btu/h 12000 20000 24000
W 3500 6000 7200
Noise Indoor dB(A) ≤42 46 50
Outdoor dB(A) ≤52 56 58
Air Circulation m³/h 550 850 1050
Suitable Area 15~23 25~42 30~48
EER W/W 3.89 3.88 3.82
Btu/h/w 13.27 13.24 13.03
Power Consumption
Power Input Cooling W 800~1025 1350~1560 1700~1900
Rated Current Cooling A 3.64~4.66 6.14~7.09 7.73~8.64
Vacuum Tube Diameter*Length*Pcs 47mm*500mm*10 47mm*620mm*11 47mm*620mm*11
Indoor Unit Net mm 785*285*210 985*320*215 985*325*230
Shipping mm 910*370*300 1080*380*300  1160*400*330mm
Outdoor Unit Net mm 790*260*540 850*300*755 940*300*755
Shipping mm 910*370*610 950*410*760  990*400*770
Water Tank Shipping mm 910*400*330 980*400*370 980*400*370
Vacuum Tube Shipping mm
Indoor Unit Net/Gross kg 10.5/13 17/18.5 21/23
Outdoor Unit Net/Gross kg 38/40 50/52 55/58
Solar Collector Net/Gross kg 13/15 16/17 16/17
Loading Qty in 20feet sets 66 49 46
40HQ sets 162 120 112


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Product Reviews

  1. Good AC, instruction are lacking

    Posted by jimmy s on 29th Jul 2010

    I like the unit, works great, just needed a little better instructions. Most people would want a AC guy to do this. But a DIYer could get it done, with a little help.

  2. Just what the doctor ordered

    Posted by Wallace Fabco on 27th Jul 2010

    Keeps the shop cool which is what we wanted. Def uses less power, hard to say how much after one month but its about 40% so far. It's been a little cooler thought too. Make sure you mount it out of the shade, we had some late pm shade that was affecting performance at first.