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Solar Light Kit: Great for Signs, Sidewalks, Remote Locations

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This product can be used for a wide variety of uses.  The fixtures can be changed to wide flood light type or narrow spot light.  The light can me mounted anywhere, with or without the pole, which is not included.  Contact us for more information 877-774-3730.

This solar light has a tamper proof box which holds the battery, controller and has one 12 watt solar module on the top as the door. Like our other lights the solar module is sloped and will be placed facing to the south. This turnkey light has three completely different mounting options for various applications. The first application is mounted on top of a 7 foot pole (with pole mounting bracket included) and the four separate light cords are passing internally through the pole to where the flood lights are mounted on the lower 25% of the pole. This is for the ma-rina dock lighting to illuminate long horizontal portions of the dock for safe walking. The lights can also be mounted on the upper 75% of the pole for area illumination . The second & third applications use a separate supplied mount-ing bracket to mount the tamper proof box vertically on a wall or horizontally on a roof.

The four flood lights can be placed to light the entrance to a commu-nity or sign in the case of the vertical wall mount with the solar mod-ule top facing due south. For the roof mount, the tamper proof box with solar module lid will be placed on the roof facing south with the four flood lights placed under the eaves of the structure, illuminating desired locations. (i.e. Porch or front door). These flood lights use 18 - 30 degree LEDs so that they focus a beam of light about 35 feet each for lighting narrow dock s long distances. Various LED bulbs are avail-able for all the applications. This is our most versatile light because the 4 individual lights can be pointed ANYWHERE while the water-tight tamperproof box is safely out of the way.

12 H X 15 W X 10 D

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Product Reviews

  1. Solar Light Kit: Illuminate the Darkest Areas

    Posted by Gary, UT on 12th Dec 2012

    Nothing spells “scary” than walking in a dimly lit street or not having any idea where to go or what to do because you can’t see any road sign. Though the state spends a good amount of money to keep the lamp posts well lit at night, you can’t expect them to shell out more in remote locations.

    If you’re living in an area that is quite far off from the road or you prefer to be completely off the grid, here’s the best solution: a tall and versatile solar light kit.

    As you can guess from its name, the light source derives its energy from the sun. In the morning until afternoon, it collects as much sunlight as possible and stores it for use later at night; and to maximize the collection, it’s placed in a slope position while facing its south. Its self-sufficiency therefore makes it one less utility cost to worry. Second, it is equipped with adjustable light. You can make it narrow if you simply want to focus the illumination on certain objects such as the road signs, or you can also flood the entire road. This also means you can mount the lights in different ways.

    Each of the lamps makes use of LEDs, which are known not only for their longevity but also for their brightness. Hence, you can definitely cover a broad area with just one of its lamps. You can also choose to pair lamps and place each one every side to brighten up crossroads.

    Since there’s a good chance the pole (which measures 12 inches in height, 10 inches in depth, and 15 inches in width), is placed in a very remote location, all its important components including the battery are placed in a solid box that can never be tampered with. It’s also not easily removed (or stolen).

    Gary Smith