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The SolarPod Plug and Play Grid Tie System

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Introducing the , a revolutionary modular and plug and play solar Photovoltaic solution for meeting your home or business energy needs. The  uses state-of-the-art materials and technology to achieve the very latest in compact, efficient and clean energy storage and delivery.


The  is lightweight, easy to install, and perfect for any applications. As few as four  can power an entire home. Adding units is as simple as attaching in series.


 plugs directly into a 240V receptacle, and can be integrated easily into a building's electrical system. A single  can power one refrigerator, one television, two light bulbs, three alarm clocks, and one radio.  is also a smart solution if you either own or are thinking about buying an electric car. A single  can provide an electric car to run up to 30 miles each day!


Watch the video with  creator Mouli Vaidyanathan below to learn more.




Warranty : 25-year limited warranty on panels and inverter. 5-year limited warranty on the mounting and rack system. 1-year limited warranty on workmanship.

Transportation: Drop ships from Minneapolis to anywhere in the USA.  Freight class 250.

Palette: 1 Unit per palette.  Palette weight 450 lbs.

Delivery:  ships in less than 5 days for quantities less than 4 units.  For >4 units in one order work with Mouli Engineering.

Photographs:  Three photographs and one callout attached.

Manuals:  Manuals with line diagram, parts list and installation sequence will be sent along with purchase only.  Not to be uploaded on the web.

Description: SolarPodTM Solar PV System - 920 Watts,

Overview: SolarPodTM is the first plug-and-play solar PV (photovoltaic) system. A pre-fabricated design makes installation 30-50% faster than conventional rooftop solar PV systems. No south-facing roof is necessary.  Panel angle is adjustable to maximize seasonal changes and easy snow removal. Pure sine wave inverters (UL 1741 certified) allow for safely integrating into the electrical grid. This SolarPodTM Solar PV System drastically reduces energy costs at home or your business while reducing carbon foot print. Made in USA.

Features & Benefits: Plugs directly into a 240V receptacle (208V receptacle option also present) and integrates into an existing electrical system (requires hardwire connection). System can be expanded with additionalSolarPodTM panels if desired.  SolarPodTM plugs in series (up to 4 SolarPodsTM) into one dedicated circuit breaker.  Includes four 230-Watt solar panels (920 Watts total), inverters, mounting and footing materials and cables.

Size: 13ft. 9in.L x 4ft.6in.W x 5ft. H

Certifications: UL and CEC certified.

What’s included (4) Solar panels; (4) Pure sine wave inverters;  Mounting and footing materials;  DC and AC cables appropriate for plug-in to receptacles.

Monitoring:  Lifetime monitoring option is available (extra cost, not included in pricing).

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Product Reviews

  1. Nice quick package

    Posted by Devildawg on 1st Mar 2012

    I watched the video and I'm very impressed that someone came up with this package,easy install and very resonable price. Already picked out a spot in my backyard- Looks like a quality system with Enphase inverters, just plug it in to a 20 amp breaker in your breaker box and start lowering your electric bill-AWESOME -Thanks

  2. Thank you

    Posted by R. Rohrmayer, Dousman Wisconsin on 1st Mar 2012

    Thank you! I am very grateful for everything that you have done. I am impressed with the simplistic design and yet very efficient solar unit that you have developed.