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Marina Dock Light Solar Power Pony

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    The Solar Power Pony (SPP) This is our most versatile solar light of all of our self contained lighting solutions. This unit is used to light the entrances to housing communities, landscaping, as well as signs, bus stops/ benches with their advertising, car ports, campground and beach bathrooms, trail markers for the forest, and most of all “indoor” solar lighting . This unit comes with 3 units of 27 LED light bulbs and fixtures or 4 units of 18 LED light bulbs and fixtures. It has a sealed strong steel box treated with a rust resistant coating then also powder coated over this, with a 18 WATT solar module as a top with tamper resistant screws to hold it shut. Inside this box is our own completely USA built charge controller and a 12 volt 12 amp hour battery. This unit, as ALL of our lights, is designed to run for 30 hours ( 2-3 nights) on a single days charge from the sun. Here the placement of the pole mounted SPP is unseen behind the structures. This (SPP) powers the four LED fixtures in the picture above and below.


    Solar Power Pony (SPP) Light.

    Community Entrances: We light many housing community entrances with this unit. Sometimes the cost of hard wire AC electric power with trenching and copper costs, can run as high as $50,000. Contractors can install this SPP for $2000 - $3800 depending on your profit needs. This Lighting solution can be mounted on a pole, on a wall or on the roof . Two separate mounting brackets are included in this turn-key lighting solution. This makes the “Solar Power Pony” (SPP) ideal for Landscaping use.



    SPP Landscape Lighting.

    Residential & Contractor Applications: You don't need any hard wire AC electricity. This is perfect for areas where electricity is expensive, undependable or unattainable . We can also light campground or beach bathrooms with 2 units of 18 LED fixtures inside each side (Men's and Women's) bathroom, totaling 4 fixtures. The (SPP) unit can be mounted on the roof and run the wires up to 25 - 30 feet away ( with #14 gauge wire) inside or outside. This is perfect for lighting the inside of a house, cabin, or shed. Just install the box on the roof or wall facing south, run the wires in conduit and put the lights inside the house.



    SPP Campground Lighting.

    Trail Markers and Map Areas: You can light trail markers and maps in the forest for camp grounds and restrooms, etc.

    SPP Carport Solar Lighting.

    Car Ports: We use this on the roof of the Car Port and run wires to the four 18 LED light fixtures 2 on each side of the Solar Power Pony. You can light 2-4 parking spaces on each side of the (SPP). This means if you want one light per space you can light a total of 4 spaces or you can put the light on the parking space line and light 2 spaces per light, this would be a total of 8 spaces Each space is about 9 feet wide so for the 8 lights the furthest distance would be 27 feet on each side of the (SPP).



    SPP Bus Stop Lighting.

    Bus Station Bench Depot: We put this unit on the roof or on a pole next to a bus station cover. The three 27 LED unit fixture light the area and any advertisements next to the bench. No electricity needed and you can sell advertising illuminated at night from the bus stop

    SPP Boat Dock Lighting.

    Marina Dock Light: When this unit is mounted on the pole with 4 lights mounted to the pole (Wires are inside of the pole), 2 fixtures each side of the pole, you can light a boat dock in the water without any worry to running AC electric power. This is very important where the lakes freeze over and the boat docks must be removed, or where there is NO POWER . Just remove the pole with the light fixtures mounted into it before you remove the Dock from the water. No wires, no worries. You can light about 60- 80 feet of dock( Pole in the middle 30-40 feet on each side) with these 18 LED fixtures with our 20- 30 degree LED's designed onto them.




    Solar Power Pony (SPP) Box 12 “ H X 15 “ W X 10” D. 12 Volt, 3 to 4 Separate Light Fixtures each 4 to 5 inches in size. They contain 18-27 LEDs per Fixture, 18 Watts of Solar Modules. Lights may be mounted up to 30 feet away from SPP Box.

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