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Snow Cap Solar Coach Light - G2

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    “Solar Coach Light” –22 watts of solar modules


    G2-SC Solar Lighting.

    The G2 differs from the G1 above only by using three larger triangular shaped solar modules forming a pyramid removing the flat top solar module. The actual solar watt production is 20% more than the G1 (G2 is 22 Watts, G1 is 18 Watts) to assist in seasonally snowy areas, however the light out- put is the same.


    G2-SC Lighting.

    The pyramid shape allows the snow to slide off rather than accumulate on the top of the light, like the G1,which would stop 25% of the solar produc- tion. All of the other components are the same as the G1. It has 45 ultra bright LED’s, a 12volt 12 amp hour battery and our own American made solar light controller.


    This light is perfect for any where but especially where it snows, like mountain cabins, chalets, ski resorts, as well as walkways, streets, ranches, RV parks. With it’s stylish look it can be used anywhere one chooses. This light also fits on a 3” diameter, 7’ 6” pole.



    G2 SC (Snow Cap) 20 inches square X 28 inches tall. 12 Volt, 45 LEDs, 22.5 Watts of Solar Module

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