Solar film

Solar films are designed architectural product for residential or commercial usage to combat the heat. Solar films are the products which are liked by more vigilant citizens who want to contribute to reduce the carbon footprints by cutting the carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere. Solar films reject solar heat and create a comfortable atmosphere to do progressive business. Many leading nations are using solar films to reduce the expenses of all government building to lower their energy consumption. As the solar films can be sized to fit any glass, door or window, it becomes an important strategy to curb the expenses of the government. It reduces the temperature significantly so it becomes more necessary for hot and humid countries to adopt it. It is like an added bonus for the government as they experience a reduction of utility cost.

Solar films are made with the highest quality raw materials. Solar film is one the probably highest quality heat shielding film manufactures and administers of this decade. We layered the solar film with polyester material with extreme optical clarity laminated together with PET coating, ultraviolet inhibitors, protective scratch coating and bonded together with adhesives that makes a superior quality product for your house

We use the most advanced manufacturing techniques to make it perfect in all respects. Our scratch resistant coating can bear all weather conditions as it carries the strongest products while manufacturing it. You will notice the sleek custom look of the solar film can make drastic temperature change which can bring high performance among your workers. It will bring a sense of pride among its user because of its exceptional quality of craftsman ship.

Solar film are available in many shades which you can choose according to the interior of your house. There are films which can not be seen on the window although they obstruct the passage of the harmful rays. There are reflective films which reflect back the heat and thus make your premises more cool and comfortable. These solar films only obstruct the heat but allow and enable specific bands of radio waves to be transmitted without hindrance or interference. This ensures maximum ultra violet protection as well as freedom from heat without compromising with the quality.

Solar film are one of the most trusted and popular film lines companies who have a specialization in this particular field. As we are the pioneer in this field, we have all the latest technologies and products to cater your requirement easily. Our products have been used by thousands of satisfied customers as we believe in building long term relations with them. We have a very dedicated team who can take any size of work and complete it within given time frame with 100% satisfaction. Our technicians are quiet efficient in their work and finish their work with minimum disturbance to your house or business routine. Our products were extensively researched and developed in our own in house manufacturing units thus our quality is beyond comparison. Our customers have a firm faith in our quality workmanship as we have made strong rapport with them.

Window coverings such as faux wood blinds can reduce heat from UV rays.


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