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Solar Fountains Reviews - We tell you which lights to buy (and to avoid!)

At Solar Sphere, we're dedicated to helping people make smart decisions for their home and for the planet. Solar fountains are a great way to add a comfortable, relaxed feeling to any outdoor space. These days there is absolutely no reason to buy an old fashioned 'plug in the wall' fountain. The new fountains offer the same beauty and reliability that the old ones did, they just don't require a power source. This leaves you much more flexibility for placement and run time. And you don't have to worry about that power bill. As is the case with all of our reviews, we have actually bought and tested all of the fountains we reviewed.

Kriss & Sue Bergethon, Owners, Solar Sphere

Our Top Pick: Smart Solar - Solar Fountains

These solar fountains caught our eye because there aren't really any other fountains on the market that look this good. And there is a large array of styles to consider. We really like the cascading style of fountain, which you can see in the picture at the right. This gives more of the fountain 'feel' as you can here it a little more. These fountains are a little smaller than they look in the pictures, at about 20" high. The designs are wide-ranging so you can match just about any style in your yard. One thing you need to know is that they only run in direct sunlight. No night time use for these. Smart solar also has a variety of the more traditional 'bird bath' style fountain. They are super easy to install too as you just fill them with water and set them in sun. There is also a version that can float in a pond and produce a vertical stream of water. Click here to checkout this extensive line of fountains »

Great Product!

Nice Fountain, A Little Overpriced

Our next choice is Wishing Well solar fountain. This unit also only runs in direct sunlight. This unit is not as nicely built as the Smart Solar series. We also didn't really like the style of the wishing well that much. However since it is a little heavier we think this fountain might hold up to the elements (like wind) a little better. You also get more of a water sound out of this one since the water falls further, so its a little more noticable. This fountains, like the others, is fairly small at 29". This manufacturer has a few other styles that we have not reviewed. Overall this is an ok fountain, its better for people that want something a little more noticable and like more water sounds out of their fountain. We did think it was a bit overpriced.
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Good - Not Great

Styling Could Use Some Work

These solar fountains left much to be desired. While they look pretty well built from a distance, but up close the plastic construction really show. We didn't like the look of these either as they were intended to look like natural stone but really dont at all. They do run fairly well, but we would question the longevity as the panel looks it won't endure harsh winters or lots of sunshine. Overall we would prefer the solar fountains listed above.
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Below Average

Solar Fountain-An Eye Catching Accessory to Gardens

Fountains create a relaxing atmosphere in any garden. It gives people a certain feeling of peace and serenity. But of course that feeling will not last once you get your power bill! Thank God for Solar power, now you donít have to worry about ridiculous power bill, or even plugs and wires.

Solar fountain offers the same quality and performance of a traditional fountain without breaking the bank. Since it is different from standard fountains, it requires a unique amount of care. If you want the fountain to run at night, you will need a battery backup system. Without it, your solar fountain will only work when the sun is shining brightly.
You have to make sure that your fountainís solar panel is positioned to get a lot of sunlight all day. Also make sure that it is not shaded by house or plants in the garden. But if your fountain is not performing the way you want it even in full sunlight, you may need to buy additional solar panels. The performance of your solar fountain will depend on sunís rays. Your solar fountain will have different intensities of water movement all day. It is best you buy additional solar panel for maximum performance. Some solar panel is separated from the fountain and it is up to you where you want to place the fountain as long as the panel is facing direct sunlight.

Solar fountains are available in different styles and some are meant to float and enhance ponds or pools. You can even buy a fountain that doubles as a bird bath or even a lantern. There are also sites that will teach you how to do your own solar fountains.

Here are lists of Solar Fountains sold online:

Smart Solar Kensington Gardens 2-Tier Solar Bird Bath Fountain $199.98
This solar birdbath/fountain in one is lovely to look at. But it is very sensitive to the sun and it will not work when the panel is shaded.

Smart Solar Portsmouth Solar Bird Bath Fountain $99
This is a solar powered birdbath/fountain made of resin. It is way easier to clean and easy to put together.

Smart Solar Mermaid Fountain $169
It has a very nice basic design, durable and very easy to set up.

Milano Lionís head Solar Fountain $399.98
This Solar fountain is made of resin and fiberglass but has the look of natural stone. It has a medium water sound and your garden will look very classy with this solar fountain.

Kenroy Home Arcade Solar Floor Fountain $358.20
It is very durable and made out of fiberglass with a sandstone finish. It features a convenient on/off remote.

Smart Solar Red Lava Solar Ceramic Cascade Fountain $149
This is a 4-tier cascading fountain with wrapped line design. It is made of ceramic components in rich hand painted lava finish.

Alpine Solar Rustic Log Fiberglass Bird Bath Fountain $299.99
This fountain has 2-tiered design that resembles log carving. It includes a remote solar panel with cord.

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