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Solar Garden Light Reviews - We tell you which lights to buy (and to avoid!)

At Solar Sphere, we're dedicated to helping people make smart decisions for their home and for the planet. There are few things that are easier to do than install solar garden lights. They are affordable, easy to install, and wont affect your power bill. However, there is a lot of junk out there. So we started this site so that we could review the products that are available out there, and help you make an informed decision. We have actually bought and tested all these lights

Kriss & Sue Bergethon, Owners, Solar Sphere

Our Top Pick: Westinghouse Solar Lights

We love these lights for their look and durability. Westinghouse is a trusted name in solar, and these lights have the look and feel of a substantial light. Most are made from copper or aluminum, as opposed to the plastic you normally see in solar garden lights. The light itself is about standard for these small garden lights. They are about the equivalent of a 10 or 20 watt incandescent bulb.
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Great Product!

Good product, longevity could be an issue

Our next choice is the Sunforce series. These lights are more typical of what you would find in Walmart or Costco. These lights are slightly better than most just because they last longer than many of the cheap lights. They are plastic and the solar cells tends to delaminate over a year or two. And we've noticed the lights don't stand up for dog and kid abuse very well! Overall decent light, nothing special.
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Good - Not Great

Not Worth the Money

We've found the remaining garden lights to be really below average in quality. Many of them didn't even survive the shipping process, and would never standup to the winters we endure. The construction is cheap and everything is made of plastic generally. Even the copper and aluminum lights were pretty cheaply built. These lights would really only work if you were setting up for a few weeks or a special event (like a wedding). We've seen some friends do this and they worked fine and were very affordable. However if you want anything long lasting, see above.
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Below Average

Solar Garden Lights-Great Accessory for your Yard

If you want your garden to stay well lit at night without paying huge amount on your power bill, solar garden light is the best solution. There’s a wide variety of solar garden lights to choose from; copper, steel finishes, durable black plastic bodied etc. Every solar light is simple to install and don’t require much maintenance. It would even give your garden a dramatic effect. 

You don’t need a power source on solar lighting. It is virtually maintenance free and very ideal accessory to your garden. Some solar lights use LED white bulbs or colored bulbs. Most solar companies sell garden lights that have unique styles and will surely make your yard stand out from others.

Solar lights have been improved greatly during the last few years. Picking the right one for your garden requires some researching. There are solar lights that you can put in your pathway to your gazebo or just the end of your yard. There are also the landscape lights to give a dramatic effect to your landscape. You can place it anywhere in your yard to accentuate anything that you want. Solar spotlights can be used on a tree, shrub or your floral garden.

There are also the solar stepping stones that you can place along the pathway. They come in circular shapes or square and it lights up at night. Solar rocks can be mixed in with real rocks in your garden to light up a mini-pond or whatever it is you want to light up. Solar security light is handy to your garden especially if it has a motion detector. Solar frog lights are little lights in a shape of a frog, it is ideal to put on your pond.

There are other types of garden lights that would be great for your garden. Make sure that you place them in a sunny area since it needs to recharge during daytime. You should think of a theme for your garden and decide what kind of garden lights would look great on it. It might be advisable to consult a landscape artist or look at garden designs online and see if you find something that you like.

We all have spooky areas in our yard that needs to be lit. Keep in mind that when buying a solar garden light, it needs to be put in a place where it is exposed in direct sunlight. It needed at least 4-6 hours to charge its batteries. Each solar light has a light censor that allows it to turn on at night and turn off at day. Designing your yard with pretty solar lights can take some time.

You can move the lights until you find a great place for it in your garden. There’s even a solar garden light that is especially made for under water. It will be great for your pond. It would take a lot of trial and error until you determine what looks great on your yard. Try to get some advice from experts when it comes to arranging the garden lights to save you time and stress.

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