For outdoor lighting needs, solar lamp post lights might be just the thing that your yard or driveway needs. Here's why:

Looking Good!

Lets face it, regardless of whether the light is green or not it has to look good for your yard. Our lights are made to look unique and beautiful, with some nice accents and finishes to give them a little extra style.

Hey I Can See!

Some people believe that going with solar lights will actually cost some of the brightness of their light. This is not the case. While there will be some dimming of course if there are periods of little sun, most of our lights will run for several days on just one day of charge. And the light is brighter and goes farther than you would expect.

Installation Is A Snap!

One of the best things about these lights are the process of putting them up. After some light assembly, its really just a matter of finding the spot where you want and putting it there. No outside sources of electricity are needed and you can forget about the power lines and trenches those old lights required.

Oh That Green Feeling!

These days there's nothing better than doing something for yourself AND the planet. These lights have no emissions and require only the energy they produce, which is free from the sun. If you can't afford a whole solar power system for your home, a solar lamp post light is a nice start.

That Other Green Thing

Of course, money is pretty green too. And these lights are affordable and they require no power, fuel, or maintenance. Once you buy it, that's the only expense you'll ever have. And for neighborhoods that still have the old gas powered light in the front yards, these lights will pay for themselves in a matter of months.

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