A solar hot water system makes a lot of sense for many people to use. One of the biggest reasons why people turn to this kind of system is because money can be saved.

A typical family uses about 80 gallons of hot water each day. This takes approximately 16 pounds of coal to heat this water. In the states that receive the most sun, a solar hot water system can help the typical family in supplying more than half or even close to all of this energy. This saves the homeowner more then $250 per year.

There are several uses for these heaters. Although the most typical and practical use is for culinary needs – baths, showers, cooking – this hot water can also be used for places like hot tubs and pools.

These systems are even more effective because the storage tank stays hot. This means that it works even after the sun goes down.

The solar hot water system is one of the most effective ways of saving money.