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Solar Lighting

Solar lighting

Solar lighting

Solar lighting has come a long way in the past 5 years. It used to be that the lights were dim, unreliable, and didn't last long.

But things have changed. You will notice that there has been a huge increase in people being environmentally careful, children recycle at school, companies in England, like Manchester skip hire ones, are careful where they dump their waste and more and more people are eating organic food. And now thankfully, there has been an advancement in solar lighting. The lights come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to fit every application. Here are just a few of the applications for solar lighting:

  • Lamp post lights to illimunate your yard, sidewalk, or driveway.
  • Garden lights that give a nice accent to your outdoor spaces for dinner parties and nighttime enjoyment.
  • Street lights are a great solution for your parking lot, road, or commercial building that needs a reliable source of light and where trenching is a costly hassle.
  • Sign lights can enlighten your customers about your business and also communicate to them that you care about the environment and the community.
  • Grow lights can help take your greenhouse or hydroponic operation to the next level without blowing up your power bill.
  • Security lights are a great option for those remote locations where power is an issue but security is important.

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To understand this technology better, here is a breakdown of the components involved:


• Solar panels – Aside from the sun, there is nothing more important for a home’s solar energy system. The panel is actually usually the most expensive part of the whole system. These panels are also called photovoltaic (PV) cells. The effectiveness of the panel as a whole depends mostly on the amount of sunlight the cell receives and converts.

The transparency of the protective cover can also have an effect on those people who are trying to gather as much solar energy as possible.

• Battery – The electricity that is generated by the PV cell are directly wired to a rechargeable battery. In order to make sure that all of the energy flowing around goes to the right places, there is a diode that is located directly between the cell and the battery itself.

When choosing a battery to use, most of those who want an efficient as well as an environmentally friendly battery tend to choose the NiMH batteries. One of the reasons why these kinds of batteries are more frequently used is because they are better at enduring the frequent charge and release cycles associated with using a solar energy system.

The other benefit these batteries have on solar lighting and the environment is the fact that the batteries can be disposed of without worry of harming the environment.

• Run time – The run time basically depends on all the components of a solar lighting system that have already been discussed and which will still be discussed as the article continues.

• LED – LED stands for light-emitting diodes. Essentially, these LED lights are bulbs that are able to stand up to a lot of use and are available for use much longer than typical lights. Most solar lighting includes LEDs. The standard runtime for LED lights can be even more than 100,000 hours. This, compared to the 3,000 hours of a typical bulb, is strong proof why so many people have turned to using them recently.

Some makers of these lights have increased the luminosity by including with it halogen. This is especially used in security lights, because LED lights are simply not able to provide enough light for high visibility in dark situations.

• Circuitry – In a nutshell, this is the one component of a solar lighting system that can completely affect everything else. If the wiring is done incorrectly, there are sure to be problems. Even with improper wiring, these devices can sometimes work, but they will be much less efficient than they could be.

• Housing – Some people enjoy creating a mood with the light that comes from the housing, while others simply use the housing because they know that they need to. The assembly for the housing of lights is minimal, especially when compared to the rest of the solar lighting system.

Understanding the preceding six items and how they relate to the overall picture of what a solar lighting is and what it does and how this information applies to your needs.

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