Solar powered lights are gradually gaining popularity in Europe and America. With its environment friendly approach and several other advantages, solar power is the best way to produce energy. Solar technology has advanced and many of its disadvantages have disappeared with advancement in technology. Solar power can now produce electricity during the night and on cloudy days. And it is as efficient as older methods of electricity generation.

Solar parking lot lights have a lot of advantages. Unlike traditional parking lot lights, solar lights are not expensive to install. No excavation for cables and meters is required. Because of cables and meters, lights are usually installed in a straight line as there is no other option for planners. Even if they want to avoid this, as lights in a straight is not always the best way to go for, they can’t because of the limitations of conventional methods. But solar parking lot lights offer freedom to the planners who can install them wherever they want to. We can install just one light when not many are needed and use many when a lot of lights are required. After all, a correct arrangement of parking lot lights is very important for the convenience and safety of the people. A right system of lighting will help people safely park and locate their vehicles at night. Planners can go ahead with the best installation method as solar lights operate independently and are not dependent on wires.

Apart from these, solar parking lot lights do not require much maintenance. Electric lights may go off after some time, but solar lights can go on for years and years. The LED bulbs in solar lights are long lasting. In traditional lighting system bulbs are regularly changed as they stop working after some time and this causes a rise in expenditure. Solar parking lot lights are economical and hassle free and don’t need any changing of bulbs. The only energy solar lights need is the Sun’s energy which is free of cost. And getting solar energy will never be a problem as parking lot lights are always under the direct heat of the sun.

The solar panel is the main unit for solar technology. It has a grid-like pattern of photovoltaic cells which are made up of silicon. These cells absorb sunlight and convert solar energy into electrical energy. This panel is connected with the battery. A fully charged battery of a solar parking lot light will operate for long hours during the night. Each solar light will work independently.

In case one light gets dim or stops working, other lights will work fine. This will not affect the functioning of other lights as found in the case of conventional parking lot light system. The conventional light system has a power grid which comprises of nuclear power plants and massive amount of metal and cable. We cannot afford to pollute and harm our environment. Solar parking lot lights are eco friendly and will take the “Go Green” movement to further heights! It will also make us feel proud by making such intelligent decisions of saving our money and environment.