Solar power units can be anything from panels attached to a roof to a portable unit for powering RVs and other items on the go.

Solar power units for your home can include solar panels or roof tiles. Both are excellent for delivering solar energy to your home and because of recent sleek designs they fit discreetly on your roof, especially roof shingles which are laid on top of existing shingles and look natural and flawless.

Portable solar power units are perfect for powering campers, cookers, or other items that may be away from mainstream electricity. It’s convenient and you never have to worry about loosing power and being stuck in the middle of nowhere. Other portable solar power units can be used to power cell phones, laptops, and MP3 players. It’s perfect for traveling.

No matter what type of solar power units you use, one thing is for sure; solar energy provides clean power at no cost. It’s dependable, affordable and eco-friendly.