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The Solar Grow Green Thumb, Solar Powered Grow Kit

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Product Description

Grow more, grow faster.  That's what every gardener wants.  Now you can do that with free energy from the sun.  This system is perfect for greenhouse growers that want to add 4-5 hours of additional light to their day.   This additional light exposure can easily boost plant growth by 20-50% depending on your conditions. 

Or for indoor growers, this system is the perfect compliment to an existing high pressure sodium or similar system.  Many of our customers actually set up the panels around their existing indoor lights, capturing the waste light from the bulbs, which in turn power the LED bars.  Of course you can also mount the panels outside and collect the sun's rays.  What a perfect way to boost your plant output and be green at the same time. 

Every Solar Grow Green Thumb includes:

  • 1EA LGM550 LED Grow Master light bar
  • 20 Watt Solar Panel
  • Phocos 4 Amp Charge Controller
  • 32 amp-hour sealed battery
  • 100 Watt DC to AC power inverter with USB
  • Voltage meter
  • 12V DC outlet with fuse


Not sure if this system is for you?  Give us a call and we'll help you put together a custom solar grow system today!  Call 877-774-3730 or email us at

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