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Solar Power Basics

Solar Sphere Blog
Get the latest information on rebates, products, and technology from the Solar Sphere owner.

DIY Solar Power
Now anyone can do their own solar power with these easy kits and learning systems.

Solar power advantages 
Solar power advantages include reducing personal carbon footprints and generating clean, renewable energy.

Is solar power right for me? 
Answer these few questions to see if solar power is right for your home or business.

Alternative energy
Alternative energy refers to any source of energy that doesn't create harmful or dangerous byproducts.

Solar panel power
Solar panel power can be combined with wind generated energy to create a powerful hybrid system.

Solar installation professionals
While many of our solar products and appliances are simple to install, some homeowners may opt for professional assistance for our more comprehensive solar power kits. We’d be happy to  connect you with solar installation professionals, or refer you to a professional electrical contractor in your area to inspect your work.

Wind power
Wind power is the energy source of the future and now.

Solar power supply
Solar power supply provides you with the energy you will need to power your portable solar power devices.

Solar power electricity
Solar power electricity is a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

Solar power
Solar power generation can be understood in five easy steps.

Solar power supplies
The right solar power supplies is the first step to a functional solar power system.

Thin film solar panels and cells
Thin film technology just might be the future of the solar industry.

Solar cells
Solar cells are usually made of silicon and used in a solar panel to collect the sun's rays.

Do-It-Yourself Solar Power
Many folks wonder if they can do their own solar power system and this article will help you decide if you can.

Solar System Components Explained
Many folks wonder if they can do their own solar power system and this article will help you decide if you can.

Finding & Choosing Solar Companies and Installers
This guide will help you find solar companies in your area that can design and install systems.

How solar power works

Solar power facts
Solar power facts can help you determine how to save money on your utility bill.

How does solar power work 
'How does solar power work?' is a question best answered from the beginning.

How solar panels work
How solar panels work is good, basic knowledge that serves solar power system owners well.

How solar power systems work
Learn about the entire solar power system.

How grid tied solar power systems work
More information on the most popular type of residential solar power system.

Renewable energy
Having a passive solar home is one of the main ways that renewable energy can be used in a positive way.

Different kinds of solar power systems
Learn about the different types of solar power systems for different applications.

Solar photovoltaic energy
Solar photovoltaic energy options allow homeowners to power a multitude of household items while eliminating electricity costs.

Solar Incentives by State

State by State review of Solar Power
Check out our state by state review page for the latest information on solar data for your state, installers, and incentives for renewable energy

Solar Panels and Energy Costs

Typical System Costs
Here we discuss some rules of thumb for estimating solar power systems, both grid-tied and off-grid systems.

Sample Calculations
Confused about all the incentives and rebates that are offered and what that means for your wallet? Check out some sample calculations.

Solar Panels For Home Use
Solar panels for homes use have grown by leaps in bounds over the last 10 years.  The residential solar industry has grown by at least 20% per year over the last 5 years alone and has more than doubled in the last 3 years.  Recent polls have shows that more people than ever want solar panels for their home.

Solar Panels for Sale
Solar panels are increasingly popular and prevalent in residential neighborhoods as homeowners are choosing to take a green step towards sustainable energy. Solar Sphere is a premier distributer of solar panels and cells.

Solar Lamp Post
Solar lamps have many positive aspects that make them a perfect choice for homeowners who are considering to upgrade their outdoor lighting or vamp up curb appeal.

Solar Design Tools

Solar Pathfinder
Need help deciding where to put your solar power system? Try this ingenious device that will help you determine where the sun and shading will be year round.

Systems and Units

Solar power system
Solar power system installations are the top way to utilize renewable energy in the home.

Solar power systems
Solar power systems offer clean efficient solar energy generation.

Solar power units
Solar power units can include one panel and a wiring system all the way up to full systems designed to power a house.

Solar trackers
Tracking the sun across the sky can be a fantastic way to boost the efficiency of your solar power system.

Solar kits for homes
Solar kits are a great option for homeowners.

Home solar kits
Solar kits are a great option for homeowners.

RV and Recreation

RV solar power system
An RV solar power system can easily increase the enjoyment an owner gets from a recreational vehicle..

RV solar panels
RV solar panels may be purchased as part of a complete kit, in panel sets or individually.

RV solar power
RV solar panels may be purchased as part of a complete kit, in panel sets or individually.

Solar power cabin
A solar power cabin is the eco-friendly way to enjoy nature while saving money on costly electrical bills.

Solar golf cart kits
Learn how to modify your existing golf cart so that you never have to plug it in again.

Solar collectors

Solar collector
Understanding how a solar collector works can explain a lot about the complete solar energy process.

Solar collectors 
Solar collectors rely upon the thermal energy of the sun to provide for space and water heating needs.

Batteries and Chargers

Solar batteries
Solar batteries store energy from the panels and distribute it using an inverter as needed.

Solar battery
People who have a solar energy system should understand some specific things about the solar battery.

Solar power battery chargers
Solar power battery chargers are the convenient way to charge devices whether sitting at home or camping in the mountains.

Solar battery charger
A solar battery charger is not completely unlike a typical battery charger, but there are some aspects about it that should be known before attempting to purchase or use one.

Solar power charger
A solar power charger utilizes the sun’s energy to naturally and conveniently charge a variety of portable devices.


Solar power generation
Solar technology has been developed work in space, removing the daylight constraint from solar power generation.

Solar power generator
A solar power generator can go a long way in saving the Earth's limited resources..

Solar power generators
Solar power generators allow us to look beyond the terrestrial earth for a space-based power source.

Solar generators
While buying solar generators could be a hefty purchase, these items can also be made for less than $300.

Home and Garden

Solar garden lights
Sun-powered lights are great additions to any yard since they don't require wiring.

Solar fountains
Solar fountains look great, give your yard a peaceful air, and help the planet.

Solar lights
Lighting powered by photovoltaics have a ton of advantages.

Solar lighting
Solar lighting can be useful for security, ambience, and task lighting.

Solar lamp post lights
Solar power is a great solution for your outdoor lighting needs.