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Our Company Story

Solar Sphere is a leading provider of alternative energy products based in Denver, Colorado. We have created a one-stop-shop with solutions from many of the best suppliers in the industry at competitive rates.

Our vision is to help fuel the alternative energy revolution through our online store, and we know that the only way to become the cornerstone in this high growth industry is through customer satisfaction. We aim to make life easier for our consumer and business end users by providing the quality equipment, timely delivery, and insightful thought leadership that is required when purchasing and installing alternative energy applications. 

Our History

The URL,,  used for the company's e-commerce platform has been in continuous use since 1998 when it was originally used to market a product by the same name. The URL was then eventually purchased in 2008 by the original founders of Solar Sphere, LLC, Kriss & Sue Bergethon, as a foundational component of their new e-commerce business.

Kriss and Sue spent the next 6 years building the business through implementation of a large portfolio of alternative energy products from over 40 different manufacturers. They learned a significant amount through their own experiences of living in their off-grid home in the mountains outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. "Over the years, we continued to develop our portfolio based on the feedback of our customer community, and through our own experience of solution installation." - Kriss Bergethon.

In June of 2014 a majority share of the company was purchased by new ownership in order to build on the good work of Kriss & Sue and to add additional resource to address the growing demand seen from Business customers.

Our Leadership

Russell Shriver- President


Russell’s interest in the alternative energy sector started in the early 1980’s when he explored his grandfather's “envelope house” – a home that utilized passive solar and underground duct work that provided for cooling and heating in the summer and winter months. Russell has since studied and visited numerous alternative energy technology implementations ranging from solar systems to wind and hydroelectric. He is also working through the design and construction of his own grid-tie solar system at his cabin in the mountains outside of Breckenridge, Colorado.

After nearly 2 decades as a technology marketing and business development executive, he decided it was time to apply that experience to his interest in alternative energy, and acquired the assets of Solar Sphere, LLC in 2014. At that point, the business incorporated as Solar Sphere, Inc. and became a Colorado C-Corporation. Russell is the new acting President of the business and primary investor. He was most recently Vice President of Business Marketing for CenturyLink.

Kriss & Sue Bergethon

While not involved in day-to-day operations to the same extent they once were, Kriss and Sue both continue to work part-time in the business and intend to do so for the forseeable future. The Solar Sphere team and our customers are all fortunate for the ability to leverage their years of expertise.