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Zamp Solar 200 Watt Portable Solar Kit

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    Our largest portable solar charging system. Great for heavy energy users with medium to large RV’s and dual battery or multi-battery systems. If you’re a really heavy user you can use more than one portable solar charging system on the same battery or combine it with a permanent roof top mounted system, generator or other power generator.


    Our 200 watt portable solar charging system was designed for heavy users but they can also be used on smaller 12 volt batteries without any damage or fear of damage. Our solar charge controller protects the battery from over charging or any spikes in power.


    Zamp Solar 200 Watt Portable Solar Charging System features our 15 Amp solar charge controller mounted on our EZ-View swinging bracket. The EZ-View Bracket allows the user to stand while viewing the digital deluxe solar charge controller. The Zamp Solar Digital Deluxe 15 Amp Solar Charge Controller is a 5 stage, weatherproof, PWM solar charge controller. A large digital display shows the user battery voltage, an instant view of amps from the solar panel and how many amps charged the battery over the period of time.. 3 indicator lights show – Faults (any errors) | Charging (solar is charging the battery) | Full (battery is full and solar is maintaining).


    This 200 watt Portable Solar Charging kit provides 11.42 amps of charging power per hour under optimal sun conditions. Depending on where you live and what time of year will depend on how many hours of optimal sunlight you can expect to receive. Typically we use an average of 6 or 7 hours for the summer and 4 to 5 hours for the winter. Commonly these figures are lower than expected.


    Estimated daily amperage –  68 to 91 amps (summer), or 45 to 57 amps (winter). Average RV’er who do extended weekend dry camping sessions use roughly 30 to 40 amps a day.


    Great for dual and multi-battery systems, large RV’s and campers and some off grid solar charging applications.

    (80 Watt Portable Pictured)


    Carrying Portable (Small)Removing portable from case (Small)80 Watt Portable Solar Charging SystemRear panel (Small)

    ZS-10A controller (Small)EZ View Bracket with Solar Controller attachedclips and wire (Small)Leg folded (Small)Leg construction (Small)


    Portable Solar Selection Chart


    What’s Included: 

    1) 2 – Class A High Efficiency, Highest Quality Monocrystalline Solar Panels 

    a) Compressed Aluminium Frame

    b) Tempered glass (ability to withstand a golf ball sized hail stone at 60 mph)

    c) Attached EZ-Slide Legs – no bolts or wing nuts

    d) Carrying Handle and Two Plated Clasp for Transport

    2) Zamp Solar Built in 15 Amp PWM Weatherproof Solar Charge Controller on EZ-View Bracket 

    a) Large LCD Digital Display | Volts, Amps & Amps per Hour

    b) Multi-color LED Indicator Lights for Operational Status

    c) Operators Manual Included

    3) 16′ Wiring Harness with Alligator Battery Clamps and Zamp Solar Plug System

    a) UV Rated Wire with Estimated 15 yr Lifespan

    b) With Fuse Holder and Fuse

    4) Ballistic Nylon Case with Heavy Duty Zippers



    Roof Port (Small)

    Zamp Solar Roof/Sidewall Solar Plug | ZS-RV-Roof/Sidewall


    The alligator battery clamps simply disconnect and can be stored at a time when needed. The Roof/Sidewall solar plug gets wired directly to the battery or battery bank.


    The Roof/Sidewall Solar Plug can be installed on battery boxes, RV sidewalls and roofs. The port is configured to receive the plug on the Portable Solar wire. This eliminates the hassle of opening up the battery box and working in the tight battery compartment space. It also eliminates the mistake of reversing the polarity of the alligator battery clamps connected to the battery terminals.


    Zamp Solar Portable Extension Cable

    Zamp Solar 15′ Portable Extension Cable | ZS-HE-15-N


    Add an additional 15 feet to your current 16 feet for a total length of 31 feet. This cable is part of the Zamp Solar Plug System and is configured to be plugged into the portable wire and either connected to the alligator clamps or the roof/sidewall solar plug.


    Key Features:

    - Class A Crystalline Solar Cells with a 25 year power output warranty.
    - All of our solar charge controllers feature Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology. This is an algorithm that will the solar charge controller to communicate with the battery to determine at what voltage the battery needs to best charge. For any solar unit under 600 watts PWM technology is better suited for battery charging as it uses less energy for voltage controlling operations.
    - New wires and Zamp Solar wire system. Our older wire design featured an Anderson wire connector. These types of connectors make a great connection but are bulky and the soldering often takes a beating in a mobile application. Our new wires are pre-molded by an American company in Chicago and have a longer life when used in an applications such our portable solar system. By having our plugs pre-molded we take the potential weak soldering out of the equation and reduce bulk greatly. An added benefit of our new wires is the RV resistant coating mixed in with the sheath. Wires that are used in an exposed environment will have a 15 year estimated lifespan.


    Technical Details: 

    Portable SizeWattsAmps/HrWeightDimension OpenDimension Closed
    ZS-40-P 40 2.3 19.85 lbs. 28x19x1.5" 14x19x3"
    ZS-80-P 80 4.58 27 lbs. 42x22x1.5" 21x22x3"
    ZS-120-P 120 6.84 33 lbs. 41x35x1.5" 21x35x3"
    ZS-160-P 160 9.4 34.35 lbs. 40x39.5x1.5" 20x39.5x3"
    ZS-200-P 200 11.42 47 lbs. 54x40x1.5" 27x40x3"
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