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Is Solar Power Right for Me Ebook

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    This is THE MOST VALUABLE source of information for:

    • Homeowner's wondering if solar power is right for their house.
    • Contractor's wanting an introductory course in solar power.

    This book covers everything you need to know to get started in solar and see if its right for your home or business.  We've sold thousands of copies of this book to people all over the country and the reviews all say that this was THE BEST book for learning about elementary solar terms and deciding if it was a good option for their home.

    Contractors who are thinking about getting into the renewable energy business all agree that this book gave them the jump-start they needed to get into the business that everyone is talking about.

    In this easy-to-read, easy-to-skim, easy-to-skip-around book we cover:


    1. Solar Power Basics:  terminology, electricity basics, components, and different types of systems

    2. Solar Design: What parts of the country are best for solar, where to put your system, how much room you will need

    3. Energy Efficiency:  What you must do to make your home more energy efficient before installing solar (the savings in this chapter alone will cover the cost of the book a hundred times over)

    4. Solar Incentives and Rebates: How to find and get your system paid for with government and utility incentives

    5. Solar Costs and Sizing: Find out how much you can afford, how quickly it will pay for itself, and how much power a system will produce in your town

    6. Purchasing a System:  How to find great contractors, what you'll need to learn to how to do it yourself

    7. Maintaining Your System: How to keep your system working


    1. Wind Power: What you need to know before thinking about wind power 

    2. Solar Thermal:  How to get free heat from the sun for your home 

    3. Solar Film:  The coming revolution in renewable energy 

    4. Solar Tracking Systems:  Great ways to get more from your solar panels


    And as if that's not enough, you'll get a Solar Checklist to help you in your solar power decision.

    There are over 60 jam-packed pages of information, pictures, and drawings that will help you understand one of the hottest topics right now: solar power!

    You won't find anything like this anywhere else.  Many solar books retail for at least $50, and don't cover a lot of the essential information we've covered here.  Most solar power courses start at $800.  THIS IS THE BEST VALUE YOU WILL FIND ON THE WEB.

    And we haven't even covered the best part: IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, SEND IT BACK, YOU'LL GET A 100% REFUND.  That's how confident we are that you will LOVE this Ebook.

    So what are you waiting for?  You can get started in mere minutes by purchasing this incredibly powerful book and start REALLY going green with solar power.  We'll email it to you within minutes of your purchase.

    NOTE: This book comes in pdf (Adobe Acrobat format) over the email.  If you like you can print it at home, read it on the computer, or read it on your Amazon Kindle.

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