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Zamp Solar Power Pack 1000W Solar Generator

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    The Solar Power Pack is a stand alone power source capable of running most household devices.


    The Solar Power Pack is a powerful, mobile option for ensuring an adequate power source anywhere, designed to last a lifetime. The Solar Power Pack accepts recharging directly from a Zamp Solar 12 volt port and is designed to work with our line of Portable Solar Chargers. Each Solar Power Pack can also charge directly form a wall outlet (AC) power and is supplied with an internal smart charger to give you the best, healthiest charge for your battery during long storage. If solar and AC charging isn’t an option the Solar Power Pack will also accept generator charging either by direct DC or AC power input.

    3-4-view-battery-side-back-medium.jpgbattery-side-open-medium.jpgcharger-connected-medium.jpgCharger connected (Medium)

    Each Solar Power Pack is equipped with a Zamp Solar 1000 Watt Pure Sine-Wave Inverter. 1000 Watts is enough to power most household devices and tools. We use pure sine-wave for the health of sensitive electronics. A pure sine-wave is considered a clean signal and many daily electronics need a clean signal to charge efficiently and to prevent damage to batteries and devices.


    Additionally each Solar Power Pack has an LED readout for battery voltage and an LED indicator on/off switch. It’s important to know at what voltage a battery is currently at to determine how much reserve power is left.


    The Solar Power Pack has 3 different ways to charge the battery. A 12 volt utility (cig lighter) port will both output and input direct 12 volt current. Charge and power 12 volt devices as well as charge the internal battery via 12 volt input. A built in AC input outlet and AC genius smart charger ($70 value), to plug directly into a wall outlet and maintain the battery for most efficiently very handy for long storage cycles.




    Solar Power Pack Access Panel: 

     - Inverter12 volt Utility Plug – Input and Out put direct 12v - 2 – 120 volt AC outlets

    - 1 USB charging output port (5v | 500 mA)

    - Power and error indicator lights

    - A remote switch comm port for a remote on/off switch.

    - 12 volt Utility Plug

    – Input and Out put direct 12v

    - 3.5 Amp AC Input Plug for supplied Genius Smart Chargers

    - Voltage Indicator LED Display





    We’ve designed the Solar Power Pack to last a life time.


    Each Solar Power Pack case is made of 16 gauge steel, powder coated Satin Black with stainless steel fasteners. The electrical access panel is lockable to protect the contents and the battery compartment is bolted with 4 heavy duty bolts. We’ve designed both carrying handles for portability and mounting brackets for permanently mounting to walls and trailer walls. The battery compartment is designed to receive a Group 27 battery, we’ve also been able to squeeze in a Group 31. The battery is secured with a cross plate and bolted down tight.


    The Solar Power Pack comes standard with wall mounting brackets, carrying handles and a solar charger are sold separately.





    On the opposite side of the electrical access panel is the access input port for solar charging. This input port is a Zamp Solar solar plug and is designed to receive a direct connection from a Zamp Solar Portable Solar Charging System. The Portable Solar Charger is already equipped with a solar charge controller, to protect the batteries and a 15′ wire supplied with a Zamp Solar solar plug. Zamp Solar Portables are very versatile with the ability to connect directly to the battery via the supplied battery clamps or to connect directly to the battery with a Solar Port.


    Choose between 4 different power options and have the ability to charge any 12 volt battery or battery bank:

    80 Watt Portable
    120 Watt Portable
    160 Watt Portable
    200 Watt Portable


    Our little solar power pack is perfectly suited for dry camping or boon-docking, as a home emergency / prepper or bug out power option, as well as being a portable power option for farm, garden and construction. The Solar Power Pack comes standard with wall mounting brackets, carrying handles and a solar charger are sold separately.

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