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18" Natural Light Tubular Skylight Kit

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    18" Natural Light Tubular Skylight Kit  


    18" Kit Includes:
    • High-Impact Acrylic Dome
    • Flashing (Pitched or Flat)
    • 4 Feet of Light Pipe
    • Energy Conservation Kit
    • Ceiling Collar
    • Decorative Trim Ring
    • Diffuser - 2 Styles Available
    • All Hardware Needed

    18" tubular skylights are designed for homes and commercial buildings built at 24 inch on center construction.

    What is a tubular skylight?

     Tubular skylights are highly innovative and energy efficient lighting systems. The capped cylindrical dome allows natural sunlight to enter a room through its highly reflective light pipe. The mirror-like light pipe allows for the light scatter 100% evenly. 

    A tubular skylight minimizes space and in the end impact on your roof. It engineered to be weather-tight and leak-proof.

    Why tubular instead of traditional skylights?

    The highly reflective mirror-like light pipe allows the tubular skylight to emit more light than traditional skylights.
    Tubular skylights are far more energy efficient than traditional skylights. Tubular skylights are designed with a sealed shaft that minimizes the transfer of heat of cold into your home. This is a great feature as traditional skylights usually generate heat.
    Tubular Skylights scatter 100% of the natural light spectrum through the use of a diffuser, thereby eliminating the spot light issue commonly found with the traditional system. 99% of the suns harmful UV rays are absorbed by tubular lights specially designed dome, thus eliminated bleaching or discoloring effects on carpets or furniture. Installation is quick and easy, as tubular skylights can be installed in two hours or less. These lights require very little space for installation, they can be installed virtually anywhere! Best of all they are less expensive than traditional skylights.

    Why Natural Light Tubular Skylights?

    Natural Light uses the highest quality materials in the manufacturing process. The entire unit was designed around performance, ease of installation and being able to withstand the weathering effects of any environment. The warranty is the best in the industry, 25 years.

    High quality materials throughout ensure no callbacks! 
    Adapts to any type of roof system.
    Fits any roof pitch.
    Easy installation - very few steps to complete entire installation.
    Very attractive unit due to the ultra low profile.
    25- year product warranty.
    Seamless to ensure no leakage.
    Easy snap-on diffuser.
    Exclusive dome stress ring isolates environmental stressing of the dome ensuring weather tight, long lasting fit.

    Products Overview

    The System
    High-impact acrylic dome 
    Unique condensation release system
    Bug and dust proof sealing system
    Seamless air-craft grade aluminum flashing
    Water tight
    Fits all roof types
    Alanod Miro Silver 98% reflective light pipe
    Aluminum trim ring and stress collar
    Quick and easy 2 hour installation
    No structural changes or painting required

    The Protection
    UV protection built-in no fading 
    Virtually no heat gain or loss
    Condensation system keeps moisture outside
    Only dome with factory mounted stress equalizing collar

    25 Year Product Warranty
    ICBO Tested and Approved
    Florida Building Code Approved
    Hurricane Tested and Approved

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