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Solar Powered Revolving Warning Lights

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  • Product Description

    The RSLX-30 incorporates the latest photo-voltaic technology into a compact efficiently designed solar powered barrier warning light package. Only takes a few hours of indirect sunlight to fully restore the battery. The battery has rechargeable capabilities that replace a conventional system. By employing renewable energy, which is free, constant and non-polluting, the SLX-4 eliminates maintenance and disposal costs.

    An intense light output is generated each night for many years. Providing superior performance and dependability over conventional battery-powered systems.

    Environmentally Friendly — Dusk to Dawn Operation — No Maintenance Required.


    Click here to see the RSLX-30 in action!


    Features :

    • 30 Ultra Bright LEDs
    • 105 revolutions per minute
    • Dusk to Dawn
    • Portable - Easy to Move
    • Rugged Watertight Design
    • 100% Solar Powered Maintenance Free
    • Eye Catching Revolving Flash
    • On/Off Rocker Switch

    Ideal Applications :

    • All Maintenance Vehicles
    • All-Terrain Vehicles
    • Air Force Bases
    • Cranes and Excavators
    • Emergency Tow Kits
    • Private Airports


    Solar Panel: Type: Single-Crystal Silicon
      Voltage: 3.0 V
      Current: 210mA
    Battery: Material: Lead Acid Battery
      Voltage / Current: 2V / 4000mAH
    LEDs: Color: Amber, Red, Blue, Clear, Green
      Quantities of LED: 30 pcs  ( 3 tiers of 10 )
      Flash Rate: 105 Revolutions/min +- 20%
      Operation Time: At Night
    Size: Q 5.3" x H 6.2" +- 5%
    Material: PC+ABS
    Visibility: 1 mile at night
    Charging: Full Charge Via Sunlight: 25 hours
    Operation: Without Sunlight – Fully Charged: 100 hours
    Switch: On/Off & Photocell: Rocker Switch on Bottom of Unit
    Standard: Stud Mount
    Weight: 3 lbs.


    Colors Amber, Red, Green, Blue, Clear
    Mounting  RSLX-30 : MAGNETIC Mount or Stud Mount or Cone Mount
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