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ULTRA Series Solar Street and Parking Lot Light

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  • Product Description

    Solar Street Lights for large area illumination

    Manufactured with the best components our Ultra Series offers high performance all year long. Powerful, it provides a tremendous light intensity, ideal for large area where brightness can be subject to specific regulations such as commercial centers parking lots, streets, roadways, etc.

    Like most of our solar lighting solutionS, our Ultra Series’ battery features a cost-efficient energy saving system that ensures solar street light’s reliability even during cloudy or rainy dayS. Thanks to this energy saving mode, Ultra Series has 3 to 6 days autonomy. With the brightness of its CREE LED fixture and the reliability of its battery, the Ultra Series will ensure security for pedestrians as well as car drivers.  

    With its minimalist design, our advanced solar lighting solution will blend smoothly to every location: streets, corporate complex, parking lots, etc.


    The ULTRA-120 is configured with a 120W LED fixture and four 100W solar panels. 

    Solar Panel 4x100W, Solar Panel
    Light Source 120W LED Lamp
    Lumen output 11,462 Lumens
    Color Temperature 6500K
    Battery 2x12V, 200Ah GEL battery
    Working Time Dusk To Dawn with dimming
    Minimum Sunhours requirements 3.7 sunhours *
    System Autonomy 4+ nights


    The ULTRA-160 is a solar powered street lighting solution configured with a 160W LED fixture and four 150W solar panels.

    Solar Panel 4x150W, Solar Panel
    Light Source 160W LED Lamp
    Lumen output 15,349 Lumens
    Color Temperature 6500K
    Battery 2x12V, 200Ah GEL battery
    Working Time Dusk To Dawn with dimming
    Minimum Sunhours requirements 3.3 sunhours *
    System Autonomy 3+ nights


    Applications: Street Lighting, Roadway Lighting, Military Base Lighting, Large Parking Lot Lighting



    • Adjustable solar panel bracket maximizes light collection.
    • High brightness: individual CREE LEDs with up to 130lm/W. The brightness of the LED lamp is equivalent to 2~3 times of that of the HPS lamp and 6~10 times that of an incandescent lamp
    • Designed to operate during the winter months even when there's great deal of snow and rain.
    • Customized lens and matched light fixture for different applications
    • Gel battery provides excellent performance in locations with large temperature fluctuations.
    • Smart Energy Saving Mode available: High brightness for rush hours, dim brightness or shut off for late night and increased brightness for early birds
    • Multiple lighting modes available: dusk to dawn, split night, full power, dimming
    • Multiple options for colors, lamp arms, battery positions, foundation kits
    • Easy to install and assemble and free of maintenance



    • No line voltage, trenching, or metering
    • No power outages
    • Battery backup for cloudy or rainy days
    • Distributed light and power - no single point of failure for enhanced security
    • Easy to install with quick connect plugs - less than 1 hour
    • Low maintenance for up to 5 years
    • No cost of replacing concrete, asphalt or landscaping
    • No cost of transformers or meters to be added for electric service
    • Qualify for savings from various state and federal taxes and incentives
    • No monthly electric bills
    • Controlled charging to prolong battery service life
    • Long-life PV modules with more than 25 years of power generation capacity
    • Environmentally friendly -100% powered by the sun, solar panels reduce fossil fuel consumption, eliminating pollution
    • Self-contained solution - Light on/off controlled by automatic daylight sensing or hour preset, no running; or maintenance cost
    • Better light source - LED lamps feature cool white light without flickering and higher brightness than sodium lamps
    • Safe 12 volt/24 volt circuit, no risk of electric shock
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