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Solar Security Light with Motion Sensor

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    Solar Security Light with Motion Sensor

    The Gama Sonic GS-10 Outdoor Solar Security Light with motion sensor is the perfect energy-saving and money-saving replacement for electric security lights. This Solar Security Light comes with all the hardware for mounting this unit anywhere you choose where ample sunshine is available, and it can be easily installed with the provided brackets and two screws to most surfaces.


    • Easy installation: This solar security light is very easy to install with its revolutionary mounting brackets that can be installed with only two screws.
    • Maximum Exposure: The solar panel on our solar security light can be attached directly on top of the light fixture for areas that are well exposed to the sun, or can be detached and installed up to 15’ away from the actual light fixture for maximum sun exposure.
    • Motion Sensor: Our Solar Security Light is equipped with a high-quality MOTION SENSOR that turns on when motion is detected up to 350 SQ. FT.  and provides an astonishing 400 Lumens of bright white light.
    • Proper Coverage: The integral motion sensor for the Gama Sonic GS-10 solar security light provides a 160-degree detection zone up to 50 ft for proper coverage.
    • Personalize Intelligent Mode Settings: Our Solar Security light can come with personalized settings in mind, giving you the option to control light duration once motion is detected, sensing distance and darkness level.
    • Brighter LED Lights: (10) Super Bright SMD LED’s provide 400 lumens of bright-white light, ~6,000K.
    • Automatic: The light features a PIR (motion sensor) that is activated when movement is detected from 2 ft up to 50 ft. If no further movement is detected during the 8 seconds that the light is on, the light will automatically turn off.
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